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The Wild Dreaming Deck is like having your own built-in coach and cheerleader cheering YOU and your Wild Dream on!

Inside You'll Experience Inspiration and Creativity


A wild dream is something you daydream about often. Something you keep saying,

"I'll get to that when..." or anything you feel passionate about bringing into a reality.

How it Works


Women from all different professional backgrounds and stages of their life and career.

We see you. We know that you’ve got Wild Dreams, but darn it, life keeps getting in the way and your dreams keep getting pushed to the side.

That’s why you’ll LOVE these cards! It’s a fun way to stay accountable for your goals, flush out new ideas, go deeper into your vision and brainstorm in creative ways.

If you’ve been craving more creativity in your life - this is your new best friend.

The Wild Dreaming Deck brings joy, inspiration, insight, and the motivation to keep you moving towards the direction of your dreams.

Separate the Spark and Create cards. Shuffle each deck and fan them out. Then, simply close your eyes, think about your dream and draw a Spark card. Read, remember, and reflect on the message. There is no time limit. Then, draw a Create card and begin the activity. Notice what ideas bubble up as you play.

You can play every day or choose to focus on one Spark word and one Create activity per week. It’s up to you!

Art Materials: You can work with any supplies that you already have or wish to use. Let your intuition guide you. Work with pencil, markers, paints, watercolors, oil pastels, mixed media collage— whatever your heart desires that day. The materials don’t matter as much as the energy, focus and love that you shine onto your dream.

Suggestion: Buy an art journal to collect your art and thoughts in one place. By the time you turn your dream into a reality, you will have a book representing your journey!


Play with friends, office mates, host a girl's or a fun family night in. Be the one to inspire others to dream big. It's in the sharing that miracles occur, and just watch the magic unfold.

$29.95 includes the cost of shipping


Hey, I get it. You are a busy woman. You've got a career, but often think something is missing. You wake up on Mondays and look forward to Fridays. You keep thinking, "there's got to be more to life than this!"

Well, congratulations, you've awoken!

This beautiful 54-card inspirational deck will guide and uplift you on your journey towards finding your purpose and manifesting your wildest dreams into a reality.

Let the cards:

  • Inspire you.
  • Motivate you.
  • Challenge you.
  • Ignite new ideas within you.
  • Hold you accountable.

When you mix dreams, creativity, and action that's when you start to see synchronicities and magic start to happen, and boom, you're hooked!


THIS deck of cards is a fun way to bring courage, joy, and spontaneity back.


These cards will guide and uplift you on your journey towards manifesting your wildest dreams into a reality. Let them inspire you as you release your inner critics and step into your power and purpose.

Included in the box:

  • 42 Spark Cards with unique art and inspiring messages
  • 12 Create Cards with different art activities to ignite your creativity and flow
  • An instruction card to learn how to play

$29.95 includes the cost of shipping


Hi, I'm Kori Burkholder! Since I was a kid, I’ve been on a mission to have fun and follow my dreams and passions. I have kept that promise and took a non-linear, creative career path. It wasn't always easy, and I had to start over many times. In each new phase, there were new challenges, adventures, and lessons learned. Now, I love to encourage other women to overcome their fears of the unknown so they can live their passion and ultimately be living a creative, purpose-driven life.



It's really helpful for getting unstuck!

I realized that I needed to find more quiet time for myself to be creative. So I got back into my journalling, which made me free-er with my writing. I now recognize when self-criticism comes up and have an easier time letting it go to write my songs and perform!

  • Drina, songwriter/performer

I have more clarity and focus on my vision.

I started exercising, taking the initiative to do things I’ve always just thought about doing, and having the discipline actually to do it! I just loved using art as a form of release. It’s so powerful and thought-provoking!

  • Karem, Consultant & Project Manager

I've unleashed my creative side!

It's helped me to relax and has created excitement in my own art projects.

I've been going to movement classes and developed a new self-care regiment. I’m also meeting new people I can socialize with by playing Wild Dreaming!

  • Gaby, Bilingual Teacher

$29.95 includes the cost of shipping

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